Modular Designed Solutions

Making the difference

High quality, sustainable, efficient and

Why choose offsite modular solutions

Improved site
Health & Safety

  • Less risk of problems associated with moisture, environmental hazards and weather-related health risks.
  • Reduced workforce and supervision
  • Allows for free space on site for other trades
  • Reduces AFRs

Reduced cost

  • Avoidance of fixed scaffolding for the duration of a traditional construction period
  • Minimisation of temporary safety and task lighting required
  • Less plant and equipment on site
  • Cost certainty

Improved quality

  • Controlled manufacturing environment
  • Specified standards and built to a uniform quality.
  • Highly skilled operatives
  • Multiple quality checks
  • Precise machine equipment to ensure conformity to building code

Reduced labour

  • Multi-skilled operatives with a manufacturing bias giving improved productivity (30% increase)
  • Reduced site workforce (up to 70%)
  • Improved onsite co-ordination and safety

Shorter programmes

Pre-fabrication can take less than half the time when compared to traditional construction due to better upfront planning, no on-site weather factors, no sub-contractor scheduling delays, Multiple modules can be constructed simultaneously.

ECO friendly

  • Materials can be recycled in-house
  • Less waste directly to a landfill
  • Accurate construction, tighter joints and better air filtration, which in turn allows for better wall insulation and an increase in energy efficiency